Monday, August 9, 2010

Band Camp: Day One

It's that time of year again, people. Time to dig out the lyres and dust off the instruments and make innuendos and crack inside jokes that must be explained to the freshmen. Time to sweat off ten pounds and march until your feet are sore and watch the saxophones wrestle and break in the new drum majors. That's right, band camp has started for the Yellowjacket Marching Band.

This year's show is called "Phantom of the Piano Studio." It's a bunch of well-known piano songs, many of which you hear when a piano is present and someone who really plays is not. Don't ask me names, because the only one I knew the name of was Fur Elise, and that's because that's my favorite piano song. The rest were stuff you hear in cartoons and commercials and stuff. And it's all jazzy and it's got random weird noises and it's amazing. Next time I'll post a link so you can listen to it if you want.

So today was, well, it was difficult. I got sick, I mean literally sick, during the morning session. And it really really sucked because TODAY OF ALL DAYS, Bryar decided to come visit band camp and I didn't notice him until I was running for the toilet. And we didn't really get to talk because of stupid band politics.

Band politics means that I cannot piss off a girl like Jenn, who is Bryar's ex. It was a hard breakup, and I got dragged into the middle of it. ("You're leaving me for her, aren't you?") Okay. Yes, I had a huge crush on Bryar at one point. Yes, Bryar and I are/were (complicated) really close. But come on, girl. Would he really leave you for me? Even if I would take him? Because, you know, I'm sooo much more beautiful and brighter and bubblier than you, and I can definitely see a guy like Bryar leaving you for me. But I have to stay on her good side from now on. I finally got back on it. But if she were to see us hugging or being the really good friends we are, she'd get pissed. And if Jenn gets pissed, not only does she hate me, but all her friends hate me too. I don't need half the band hating me. Plus, even worse, she and Bryar's so-called "friends" that she has wrapped around her finger will take it out on him.

But there were some times where today was good, and all because of Moxi. Today was my first time seeing her since the fourth of July. It was wonderful. We were watching the senior march-off, and the stomach pain got so bad I started crying. She said "What hurts?" in that soft voice she reserves for when I'm really upset. It kinda made me cry harder because 1) I've missed her so much, and 2) it reminded me of the other times she's used it to calm me down. And then there was the ride home from the night session.

We were giving her a ride home like we'll do most, if not all, nights this week when we noticed her dad's car in front of us. We both shouted "Follow that car!" Mom did, real closely and creeperly like we told her. Her dad made a different turn than he was supposed to in order to get to their house, and Moxi shouted "Speed up! Beat him to the house!" So Mom did. Her dad pulled around the corner reallllly slowly and drove past our car. While he was doing that, Mom opened the door on Moxi's side and she popped out. Her dad had been totally freaked. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard or felt like such a stalker. It was great.

So tomorrow (or later today, depending on how you look at it) is Day Two. I want to talk about how badly I feel about the fact that Moxi was horribly miserable, and what I did once I was home, but I gotta be up in five hours for more marching, so I'll save that for next time.

Signing off exhausted, but feeling okay,

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