Friday, August 20, 2010

Newness and Smallness and Purple

I'm typing this sitting in my sister's closet in Leonard's new condo. I would be in my own closet, but the inspector is using it because it has the only portal to the attic. I definitely feel totally epic right now. I'm sitting in a closet, blasting David Bowie and eating Twizzlers. You can't get any better than that. See, I'm like the exact opposite of claustrophobic. I'm, like, a claustrofile. So I like closets.

My room, affectionately dubbed The Poop Room because of its color, is the smallest. About five eight-to-fives (each 22 1/2 inches long) each way. I'm gonna repaint it, probably a light purple, and I think I'll bring the old curtain from our house. I don't use it anymore because of the placement of my bed. I kept stepping on it and eventually broke the rod. The curtain's still fine. I might get a purple one instead. The Poop Room doesn't have a light fixture yet. I want one of those big purple lamps. I also want an air mattress instead of a real bed, and I want a little purple reading lamp next to it. I don't want or need a big dresser like at the house. I'll be here maybe every other weekend at the most. Depends. I might get a little dresser, or none at all. I'm not going to have anything on the floor of my closet. Everything'll be up on the shelves.

I'm having fun thinking about decorating The Poop Room. I decorated my room when I was eleven. I've changed a lot since then, and so have my tastes. I don't want the blue and clouds stuff anymore. I don't want the expensive furniture in the big room. I want the simple stuff in the small room. When we moved into our house, I picked my room because it was the biggest (and it was the only one facing the backyard, but whatever). I picked The Poop Room because it was the smallest. Also, it's not shaped like a rectangle. The closet is in the room, so it's got a little bit jutting out and it has an inverted angle or whatever they're called. It's kinda like a little hallway leading to my room. It's only a foot long, but it's enough so that if I sit in the corner away from the door, you have to take a couple steps into the room before you can see me. Funny how stuff like that makes me happy.

Signing off and thinking about "Things To Do in a Dark Closet,"

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