Monday, June 28, 2010


I was flipping through my notes today and found a page of just random thoughts, and I was kinda shocked. I vaguely remember writing these, and you can tell I was falling asleep because my handwriting gets progressively worse :). As I get closer to sleep, though, my thoughts become more and more profound, and I feel the need to post these and expand on some.
"Snake eating mouse as a metaphorical thing, how life can just change/end in matter of seconds. How you go about your life and all of a sudden... WHOOSH! you're someone's dinner. I wonder how long the mouse remains conscious during this process. Does he feel himself sliding down the snake's throat?"
Okay, so it gets a bit morbid there. On New Year's, I watched my friend's brother's snake eat a mouse, which is what got me thinking about that. I just asked Bryar my questions... we'll see what he says when/if he responds. But can you imagine being a mouse and just going about your business and all of a sudden you hear this sound behind you. You know it's a snake and you try to run but you're trapped in the cage and the snake eats you. That's gotta be terrifying in and of itself; it'd be even worse if you were swallowed alive and you felt yourself slide down the snake's throat.

"I think it's weird the things we take as universal signs. Take laughter, for instance. Why do we accept that sound as a sign of amusement and happiness? It's a weird sound. And why are smiles a sign of happiness and not frowns? Why do we do that stuff?"

"Weird how people seem to adapt to their surroundings so much sometimes it's hard to tell they're not native. Like people who move to different countries and such and have to learn new culture and language and accent and stuff. Why do we have all that, anyway? I get the languages, that's because of the Babel thing. But why do two reigons speaking the same language sound different a lot of the time? Why don't we have a universal culture?"

I like how my thoughts are when I'm half asleep. I do more thinking then, but grammar and proper sentence structure often fall to the wayside. I also like going over my past stuff to read thoughts from back then. I found three story ideas and several stories starters on my iPod today as well. My favorite story starter: "If only the good die young like Billy Joel claims, I'm gonna live forever."

We're going to Barnes & Nobles tomorrow. Oh, how I love that store. Even though I'm broke, I'm still looking forward to it because it's one of my favorite stores to go to, even just to browse. That, A.C. Moore, Michael's, and any pet store are my favorites.

Signing off, hoping to get some sleep,

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