Saturday, June 26, 2010

Star Wars and Cakes and Mentions

I'm watching Ace of Cakes repeats right now, and this one is the one where they make an R2D2 cake for Lucasfilms and get to go to the ranch. And when I say the ranch, I mean THE ranch. Skywalker Ranch. And then they meet the real R2D2. The real one they used in the movies. I am, like, über-jealous. I LOVE Star Wars. Visiting the ranch is on the list.

1) Get a chinchilla
2) Meet my older brother (my mom was in an abusive relationship when she had him, and her boyfriend said he'd kill them both if my brother came home, so he was given up for adoption)
3) Get married
4) Meet Ellen Degeneres
5) Visit the ranch

That's my über-wishlist. I have a not-über-wishlist, but that's too long to put on here, and there's some stuff I'd rather not put on here.

Anyways, to add on to yesterday's post.
Another person was Chelsea S. She was a senior who played the saxophone, and she was always there when I needed her. She's one of the main reasons that I kept my eyes on the Lord as much as I did this year. And when I was frightened that all my senior friends would abandon me, she promised that we'd see each other and that she'd take me to church with her. That meant a lot. Another was Ayla. She was a senior clarinetist who knew about the depression. She kept an eye on me, and she picked up on a lot without me telling her. She was one of the best at calming me down when I was upset. Another was George. He's going to be a senior next year. I wanted more than friendship with him, but it didn't work out. However, he saw me at my worst and still wanted to be friends, and we still are good friends. It's not awkward like it could be. Merri and Firefly are wonderful to me, like having two more older sisters. They really get me, and I know I can lean on them when I need to.

Of course, there are other people who made differences, but these are the people who were there the most. James helped me to heal more than he knows. Sierra was there when she could be. Ben was the one who changed the least, the one who gave stability. Tina was there for me during class. Selby and Keenan made me smile a lot throughout the year. There are other people, too, but I keep getting distracted, so I keep getting distracted. They're important, too, and I love them all very much, even though I'm not mentioning them. If they feel like they should be mentioned, then they are in my heart.

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