Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Baby and Wanted Ads

There's a little boy that lives two doors down from me named Luke. He's five years old and he has Autism, and I love him more than ducks. I babysit him once or twice a week every spring while his mom is teaching night classes and his dad is coaching softball at one of the local Vo-Tech school, along with his eight-year-old brother, Josh.
I've known that family for three years now, and I love them all to death. They're a very religious family, but not pushy religious. I love being in their house, because they're very loving people and even when I'm just feeding their cat because they're on vacation, I can feel it. They have a sliding glass door to their backyard, and it is covered in Luke and Josh's drawings. Luke is a buddy in the DFRC (Delaware Foundation for Reaching Citizens (with Intellectual Disabilities)), and I was in the Blue/Gold All-Star Football Game, so we saw each other there. I pointed him out to a friend of mine and said "That's my baby." She said "Oh, I didn't realize you were old enough to have a buddy," so I was like, "No, that's my baby. Not buddy. I babysit him, and I love him to death," and then she got it. And I had gotten used to everybody in the stands yelling people's names and I remember thinking about how nice it would be if someone in the crowd yelled mine and then Mr. Dave yelled mine, and it made me smile.

I catsat for them the past couple of days because they were at Wildwood and they stopped by this evening to give me a necklace. Everytime they go somewhere and I feed their cat, they bring me a souvenier. Last week they were at Ocean City and got me a bracelet from my favorite store. This week, it was one of those necklaces that has the seashells making a flower that hangs off of it. It's really pretty.

So yesterday I was on the NaNoWriMo forums and posted a Wanted: Big Brother ad. I've gotten one response so far. His username is Mr. Awesome, and he's turning 18 next week. I felt really weird asking what I did. It's not often someone asks if anyone wants a surrogate younger sister. :D I was happy when I got a positive response. Now, I know this won't solve all my problems. I know that I barely know him and I can't expect him to be exactly what I'm looking for. But you never know. Now I'm going to go check my email, and if he hasn't emailed me yet, I'm going to NaNoMail him.

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