Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm sorry if there are lots of typos, it's kinda hard to see my screen
at the moment. Of course, I do have my auto-fix that should fix most,
if not all.

I've always been a daddy's girl for the most part. This is hard for me
because my parents divorced when I was four, my dad lives in Georgia,
and he works at a grocery store, do I see him once a year at the most.
He comes for a few days in the summer and we go wherever I want and he
buys me stuff and we jsut have a blast and I always tell myself I'm
not going to cry when he leavees but I always do. He's leaving at nine
tomorrow morning and I don't want him to go. Tomorrow's going to be so
I love how relaxed he is. When I'm with my mom or, even worse, my
stepdad, I can't take my time. My mom has fibromyalgia, and my stepdad
(soon to be ex-stepdad, woo!) is just impatient, so flipping through
every poster at F.Y.E. or reading the back of every book at Borders
that catches my eye doesn't happen. It does when it's just my daddy
and me. Seriously, we looked at every single poster. He doesn't drive
around, looking for the closest parking spot, even when it's raining.
It was pouring when we got to the mall yesterday, and he parked all
the way in the back because he knows I love walking in the rain. Not
everything has to happen at a certain time. We can have dinner at
four, or we can have it at eight if we're not hungry until then.
I have to admit, I love that he spoils me. He got here on Sunday, but
we kinda just hung out at the house that day. Monday we went to the
pet store and the mall. He bought me a hedgehog Beanie Baby named
Prickles. Tuesday we went to Michael's and the mall. He bought me a
purple bouncy ball that lights up, a Cheshire Cat stuffed animal, a
White Rabbit stuffed animal, a cover for my iPod, a duck keychain that
lights up and quacks, an Eragon game for my computer, and three books:
Description and Setting: Techniques and Excercises For Crafting a
Believable World of People, Places, and Events, by Ron Rozelle, Write:
Ten Days to Overcome Writer's Block. Period, by Karen E. Peterson, and
Nightlight: A Parody, by the Havard Lampoon. Today we went to Toys R
Us, Borders, the dollar store, Walmart, ACME, and KFC. He bought me a
build your own mini lightsaber kit, a book called 10,000 Dreams
Interpreted, a new mouse for my computer, a Phillies hat, and dinner.
Now I've calmed down a bit. Writing seems to do that. So does listing
I kinda wanna talk about the barbecue we had Monday, but I'm tired.
Next time, promise.
Signing off nearly composed,

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