Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodnight, My Angel

Billy Joel song: "Lullaby." I love this one. When I can't sleep, I
play it over and over.

So I'm making this quick because I'm tired and want to go to sleep,
which is probably why Lullaby is in my mind. I'm going to Dorney Park
tomorrow. Normally, I'd be excited. Unfortunately, it's with my
neighbor's church's youth group, where I don't fit it. We'll see how
this goes. I've already asked Bryar if I can text him throughout the
day to get me through it. If I can find wifi, that is. I still don't
have a cell, but my iPod has a free, unlimited texting app. All I need
is wifi and I'm good to go. I know that Dorney Park is a hotspot, I
just don't know if it's free and accessible to the public. I don't
know much about wifi.
I may quickly post tomorrow, either before I leave, right when I get
home, or during the day if I can find wifi. If not, I'll post twice
Thursday, because I'll definitely write a post tomorrow. It all
depends on what time I get home as to whether I'll be able to send it
in time to make it a Wednesday post.
Signing off and hoping for a good seven hours of sleep!

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