Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tornadoes, Thunder, and Fire

Okay. I know I promised that the next post would be about the barbecue, but I lost internet on my iPod which is where I started it and I can’t get it back for a day or two and I don’t want to start all over so I’m going to write about something else and later you’ll get the barbecue.


I used to live in Kansas, which is smack dab in the middle of tornado alley. I love tornadoes. Call me crazy, call me insane, call me suicidal, but there’s just something exciting about the thought that at any minute, a piece of hay could pierce through a tree, or cows could go flying, or you could be taken to Oz… And the sky turns green, and “It’s a twister! It’s a twister!”


We had a tornado warning today here in Delaware and let me tell you, I got super excited. Unfortunately, said tornado didn’t happen. We did get an amazing thunder storm, however. One of those storms where the thunder is almost non-stop and it rattles the house so bad you’re afraid for the things on your breakables shelves. I lied/laid/whatever (if someone wants to comment and tell me which one is right, I’d appreciate it) in our living room with the lights off and listened to the thunder and Portismouth. It was an amazing experience. I recently discovered Portismouth. They’re a triphop band. If you don’t know what triphop is, it’s the music one would listen to while high. I have never been high, but apparently this kind of music puts you in the same kind of mood many illegal drugs do. Combining that music and the


Okay, I have to switch topics real quick. While I was writing this, the house down the street from mine got struck by lightning and caught on fire. We walked down and watched, and I stood with one of the kids I babysit and talked to him about it, like how everyone must have gotten out all right because they would have carried them out first and no ambulances had left, and how firemen wore protective suits like NASCAR drivers to keep them from getting burned and that’s why their suits are so heavy, and how the reason he was seeing water shooting out of the top of the house was because the firemen were shooting water from the first floor, and how it definitely wasn’t his friend’s house because his friend lived next door, and how yes, it was possible for his friend’s house to catch fire, but the fire’s out now so everything’s okay. It still smells like smoke in the neighborhood, but the fire is out. The fire trucks and news crew are still here, but the fire is out.


Standing there, all I could think about was To Kill a Mockingbird. I still haven’t finished that book. I got distracted by Brisingr. Anyways, all I could think about was To Kill a Mockingbird and now all I can think about is how much I hate it when I get distracted and lose my train of thought.


Signing off, confused,


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