Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dragon Tears

Dragon Tears

I recently purchased a bag of so-called "accent gems," just because of
the memories they brought back. They're these little round blue gems.
I've always called them dragons' tears. I found one once in my
friend's backyard, and her older sister told me that if someone finds
a dragon's tear, that meant there was a dragon who was admiring that
person from where they lived, and was crying because they couldn't be
together. She told me a story about the dragons, which I've been
thinking of a lot today and feel like sharing. This isn't quite the
story she told me, I've forgotten bits and pieces and so I'm
embellishing a little bit, but the main parts stay the same.

The dragons once lived among us humans. They would watch over the
children of the world like guardian angels and play with them. They
would help the women with their cooking and finding edible plants.
Then the men discovered how nice dragon flesh tasted. The women and
children pleaded with the men not to kil the dragons, but the hunters
would not be reasoned with. The dragons did not come out from hiding
very often, and so over time, people began believing that they were
merely a myth. Those who did still believe had become convinced by
their ancestors that dragons were horrible creatures to be slaughtered
and eaten. So the dragons left the earth to live in another realm.
Many of them were homesick, so the king of the dragons ordered his
spellcasters to create a pool that the dragons could look through to
watch over the humans. Sometimes, the male dragons, especially the
young ones, will see a girl that they admire, and often fall in love
with. When a dragon falls in love with a human, it's not like when
humans fall in love. Dragons fall in love selflessly. All they want is
for the human to be safe and happy. The dragon will become glued to
the pool like so many of our kind become glued to the tv screen and
begin to cry. Dragons do not cry as we do. Their tears are rarely
existent, and when they are, they become solid the second they drip
off of the dragon's scales. Sometimes, if a tear falls just right, it
slips through the pool and is found by the one whom the dragon admires.
The story was once told to a woman a long time ago. There was a
dragon who was so in love with this woman and such an adept
spellcaster that he was able to visit her in her dreams and he told
her the history of the dragons. He told her that if enough people knew
the true story, and not what the hunters passed along, that the king
might allow the dragons to once again roam the earth, and they could
be together. The woman spread the story, but unfortunately she died
before the dragons could be returned to earth. Still to this day, the
real history of the dragons is not well known enough for them to feel
safe returning. Those of us who believe try to pass this story along
as much as we can, in hopes that one day, at least our children's
children will play with the dragons again.

I believe. I found the dragon's tear from so long ago, and compared it
to the ones I bought. If I am not mistaken, they are made of
completely different substances. In fact, the old dragon's tear
doesn't seem to be made of the same substance as anything I have...
It's nice to think that there's a dragon in love with me.

Comment, tell me what you think.

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