Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Gotta Feeling That Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night

I Gotta Feeling That Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night
Well, it turns out my fears were unfounded, because I had an amazing
time today, and all because of the group I was in.
 Joanna asked me on
the way which of the two boys in the row in front of us I'd be
intested in. I said Jake, because I didn't know either of them and
I've always had a thing about the name Jacob. Then, when we got to the
park, he joined our group. So it was me, Jake, Joanna, and her
boyfriend Roger. The first ride we went on was two people to a row.
Joanna went with her boyfriend and I went with Jake. I get really
really scared on rollercoasters, and I start talking to myself like I
always do. "I'm not gonna die, I'm gonna be fine, it's not gonna
break" and he was reassuring me. It was nice. One thing led to another
and I actually started being full-out interested. Of course, Joanna
knew :D. She and Roger starting talking to Jake to get him to ask me
out. He said he would, so Joanna told me. I was getting all impatient,
then finally it was just him and me in the wave pool (well, there were
other people there, but Joanna and Roger were off somewhere else. He
went "So..." and I kinda laughed. I knew what was coming, and I was
J: Don't laugh!
Me: Sorry!
J: i'm going to say something, and I know you're going to laugh.
M: I'm not going to laugh.
J: You just did!
M: I promise I won't laugh
J: Do you want to go out with me?
M: Yes.
I wanted to add "I've been waiting for you to ask," but I didn't.
So we cuddled and held hands and stuff all day, and it was... It was
just really nice. I feel safe with him. He makes me laugh. I like him
a lot. -sighs- While I enjoyed being single, this is so much nicer :D.
Signing off with a smile

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