Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our God is an Awesome God

No song line could better describe my feelings after what happened

There was a carnival at a nearby church where the rides are relatively
cheap (unlimited for fifteen bucks), so we went. My sissies and I
wanted to go on this one ride that was like an octopus. It spins
around at a slant and the cars themselves spin around. First the three
of us were going to ride together, then we realized that it was a two
person ride. No more, no less. I'd been on that ride several times
before, so I volunteered to sit out. Then Amy, the eight-year-old,
starting whining about how she only wanted to ride a ride that she
could ride all by herself. I wish there was a nicer word to describe
it, but I can't think of one. My stepdad told me and Krista, who's
six, to wait in line for the octopus while he took Amy to the haunted
house ride. She finished before we got on the ride, and the two of
them got back over to the octopus right as it was our turn to get on it.
So Krista and I got on, and at first it was a lot of fun. Krista was a
little scared, but I threatened to tickle her so she smiled. It was
spinning us around and slamming her into me.
Then it got really fast. Instead of slamming her into me, it was
slamming her head against the metal back of the car. She tried to keep
it back, but it was throwing it forward, too. Then I almost lost her.
We were at the top of the ride and it spun so that our heads were
pointing at the ground. The ride has a bar so that someone bigger than
Krista can't possibly fall out, but she's so little... She started to
slip through, and I grabbed her. I started screaming at the guy to
stop the ride, and eventually he did. He let two groups off, and then
we went around again. I cussed at him when we went past, and he just
shook his head. I was ready to punch him. My stepdad caught sight of
our faces (Krista was crying uncontrollably, and, while I was trying
to keep her from knowing I was scared, I'm sure my face was white) and
told the guy to let us off. He did, and as soon as we were on solid
ground I broke down.
All I can think about is what would've happened if Amy hadn't decided
not to ride. If she had been on, she would not have been able to grab
Krista, and my Kitty would probably be dead. I love Amy and Krista,
but Krista has always been my favorite. If I wasn't a believer before
tonight, I definitely would be now.
I'm sitting in Krista's room right now, because she's too traumatized
to be alone even though it is way past her bedtime and she's half
asleep. Plus, I feel better when she's close now. She's watching a
movie on my laptop, and I'm on my iPod on the floor by her bed and
listening to worship music. I'm probably going to stay here until she
falls asleep completely, maybe even all night. If I don't get any
sleep, I don't care. She's safe, and that's all that matters.
Signing off

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